How to Keep Birds Off Balcony

grayscale photo of bird on bird bath

Hearing birds chirping from time to time is pleasant, but not so much if they land in large numbers on your balcony to set up their nest. Their chirping awakens …

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How to Stabilize a Bird Bath

grey birdbath photography

Many people want to make things easier for their tiny feathered friends in the summers by leaving a birdbath in their backyard. But, having it sit tight in one spot …

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What Do Baby Blue Jays Eat?

blue and white bird on brown tree branch during daytime

Blue Jays are attractive birds popular for their bright blue color and can be easily recognized due to their beautiful appearance and quirky voice. These birds have large feathers and …

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What Do Baby Chickadees Eat?

black and white bird on brown tree branch

Chickadees may look tiny, but these birds can pack an unbelievable amount of food. They tend to feed together with their baby chickadees. If there’s a nest visible from your …

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How High to Hang Bird Feeder?

brown wooden birdhouse on tree

Hanging a bird feeder is more than providing food for birds. It’s a safe place where birds can find comfort away from predators. Moreover, the type of bird feeder you …

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How Do Birds Find Bird Feeders?

brown bird on red wooden bird house

Hanging bird feeders in your yard or balcony is a great way to engage in some bird watching, amp up the exterior décor, and feed your new feathered friends. When …

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Do Skunks Eat Bird Seed

Skunks, widely known for spraying a strong, unpleasant scent for self-defense, are very adaptable in their diets. These creatures are mostly found near bird feeders out of all other places. …

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Do Hawks Eat Cats?

Many birds that prey on small animals don’t distinguish between your beloved pet and a wild creature. Pet owners need to be vigilant about these air-raptors because anything can happen. …

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Where Do Hummingbirds Go in the Winter?

Hummingbirds are fascinating wonders of nature, packing tremendous potential in their tiny bodies. The project leader of FeederWatch at Cornell Lab, Dr. Emma, said that hummingbirds are so unique because …

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Where to Hang Hummingbird Feeder?

Did you know that red color attracts hummingbirds the most? According to the National Audubon Society, hummingbirds can see red. This color sends them high-octane fuel signals for the active …

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