Do Wild Garden Birds Like Watermelon & Is It Good For Them?

It is important for birds to eat a varied diet. Birds often consume food like grasses, insects, worms and berries. Most people who keep birds as pets or feed birds in their backyard or garden will know about these bird food staples.

However, they may be unaware that birds can eat a variety of different fruits that human-beings snack on.

One fruit people usually wonder about is watermelon. So, can birds eat watermelon is a question posed by many bird lovers?  The answer to this question is yes, birds can eat watermelon.

Read below on how to prep watermelon for birds and the benefits they get from it too.


How Do I Prepare Watermelon for Birds to Eat?

When feeding your bird watermelon for the first time you want to make sure that you are doing it safely.

While your birds are sure to enjoy this tasty treat there are few important things you need to be aware of before slicing up pieces of watermelon to feed to your pet or the birds in your backyard.

chunks of watermelon

The first thing you need to know is that the best way to serve watermelon to your pet bird is to cut it up into small pieces.

Cutting the watermelon up into small pieces makes it easier for the bird to eat.

Removing the watermelon seeds is optional. Birds are able to swallow these seeds; though sometimes pet owners worry about their birds choking on the seeds.

If you are worried about your bird choking on these seeds it is a good idea to remove the seeds. You need to be comfortable when trying new foods with your bird.

When serving watermelon it is crucial to remove the rind. There are many substances on the rind that could be toxic to birds. These include pesticides and fungicides.

Do not think just rinsing the rind will be sufficient to get rid of these toxic substances. The best way to keep your bird safe is to remove the rind and feed the flesh part of the fruit.

While watermelon can be added to your bird’s diet it should not be the only food the bird eats. Birds need a diverse diet to survive. This diet needs to be made up of vegetables, fruits and seeds.


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Is Watermelon Good for Birds?

Birds receive many health benefits from eating watermelon. A reduction in heart disease risk is one of these health benefits.

Citrulline and lycopene are two compounds found in watermelon that are responsible for reducing the risk of heart disease. These compounds are also responsible for helping blood flow through the body and protecting body cells from damage.

Lycopene helps protect birds in one more way. This compound provides a natural treatment for inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties in lycopene will help your bird remain healthy.

Watermelon gives your bird an energy boost and helps keep him/her healthy. Because watermelon is a good source of vitamin B it is able to deliver this energy burst.

The consumption of watermelon can help strengthen your bird’s immune system. Watermelon contains vitamin C. Vitamin C works to boost the immune system in animals and human beings.

Another vitamin found in watermelon that aid the immune system is vitamin B6. This vitamin helps the immune system produce antibodies. These antibodies are used to ward off disease.

Enjoying some watermelon can help improve a bird’s eye health and bone strength The vitamin A found in watermelon is the vitamin that works to create these previously mentioned health benefits.

Watermelon is made up of 90% water. This fruit can help your bird remain hydrated as it is a good source of water. This fruit also contains fibre that helps your bird’s digestion.

Together the water content and fibre help prevent constipation.

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