Do Wild Garden Birds Like Grape & Is It Good For Them?

Often in the summer we’ll pile our fruit bowls too high and end up throwing the majority of the fruits in the waste bin.  This is when you need to know, can birds eat grapes?

The answer is yes, birds can eat grapes.  Don’t forget, birds love berries and although grapes may not grow in your part of the country it doesn’t mean they won’t eat them.

wet grapes

Grapes, regardless of the colour, have lots of benefits for birds even though they may look like they’re past their best they are still nutrient-rich.

How to Prepare Grapes for Birds to Eat

If you decide to feed grapes to the birds in your garden you can choose whether to feed them from the ground or from a bird table.  Grapes aren’t normally meant to go inside a feeder.


To prepare grapes you should, as a bare minimum, cut them in half.  You should already have a good understanding of the size and type of bird that visits your garden.

If you regularly have small birds landing on your lawn or your bird table then the portions should be cut to suit that size of the bird and should, therefore, be chopped into bitesize pieces.

For larger birds that visit, such as; pigeons, blackbirds, starlings, crows, magpies, etc,  it is perfectly fine to cut the grapes in half.  That size can be suitably pecked at or carried away.

Can Birds Eat the Seeds & Skin of Grape?

The simple answer is, yes, garden birds, as well as pet birds, can eat the seeds and skin from a grape.  They are both nutritious, edible and offer a source of fibre.

Regarding the skin, you don’t have to do anything with the skin to prepare it for your bird.  If you’re concerned about choking, then cut the pieces even smaller for your bird to eat.

Are Grapes Good for Wild Garden Birds?

Grapes are packed full of nutrients that a wild bird can benefit from, whether it’s during the summer when berries are plentiful or the winter months when food is scarce.

willow tit

Although, we don’t always realise that grapes are packed full of vitamin c.  We then remember the first thing we bought when visiting a sick friend years ago was, you guessed it, grapes!

There was always a fruit bowl beside a hospital bed and there probably is still now too…

Vitamin C is just as good for birds during winter as it is for humans and will benefit them and us the same.  It will help birds fight off illness or infection just as it would us too.

Grapes are also full of vitamin k which can help maintain healthy blood and prevent bone issues.  Vit K also regulates the levels of calcium in birds and is important towards eggshell density.

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