Do Cockatiels Like Grape & Is It Good For Them?

Shaun Bird | Updated: November 3, 2020

Since ancient times, grapes had been one of the favourite fruits of the masses. However, in this particular instance, you want to know, can a cockatiel eat grapes?

With its perfect bite-sized shape, it’s one of those fruits that once you start eating, it’s hard to stop…  This also applies to cockatiels too, so yes, cockatiels can eat grapes and will!

Although your cockatiel(s) might enjoy grapes, you should still consider some of the pros and cons that are associated with giving them such a diet. Read more below.


How Do I Prepare Grapes For My Cockatiel To Eat?

Store-brought grapes, especially the cheaper variants, will most likely still contain traces of harmful pesticides that could potentially endanger your cockatiel’s life.

Hence, the first step you should do is to thoroughly clean the grapes to remove any excess chemicals and dirt.

wet grapes

The seeds inside the grapes can be classified as a choking hazard for your birds so you should also remove them beforehand or you can just opt to buy seedless grapes for your convenience.

You should also consider slicing up the grapes into smaller pieces so that smaller cockatiels could easily eat them as well.

Just make sure that you are using a clean knife to avoid introducing deadly parasites or diseases to your lovely feathered pets.

chopped fruit

You should avoid feeding your cockatiels on grapes alone. They should only be given as treats or snacks to avoid nutritional imbalance.

The best way to introduce grapes into their diets is to mix them into their regular feeds. This way, you’ll avoid them just picking out the grapes and gobbling them up quickly.

If you’re not too tight on budget, you can also mix in some veggies such as arugula and lettuce together with your cockatiel’s feeds alongside grapes to improve the nutritional value.

Your cockatiel might also need to be encouraged at first to try out grapes. In that case, you can hand-feed them to entice them to try it out. Just make sure your hands are clean first.

Are Grapes Good For Cockatiels?

Grapes can be an amazing energy booster for your pet cockatiels as they have a high concentration of a type of natural sweetener called fructose.

You can give them grapes before doing an activity such as playing or exercising to keep them active and alert.

yellow cockatiel

However, due to this very high concentration of fructose, too many grapes can make your cockatiels overweight or obese which could lead to other potential problems.

Hence, it is very important to keep their grape consumption well managed.  According to experts, feeding your cockatiel one or two grapes every other day should be plenty.

Grapes also contain high amounts of vitamins such as vitamin K and vitamin C.

Vitamin K is responsible for the formation of stronger bones while vitamin C can give an overall boost to your cockatiel’s immune system.

Grapes also contain other necessary minerals such as copper, manganese, and potassium which could help in the development and growth of your cockatiel.

Although we already established the health benefits of grapes, they could also potentially make your cockatiel sick if you don’t want them thoroughly with water to remove pesticides.