Do Cockatiels Like Kale & Is It Healthy and Safe For Them To Eat?

Imagine for a moment that it was possible to take your beloved cockatiel along with you on your weekly visit to your local greengrocer or supermarket.

What do you think they would choose to eat from the selection of vegetables on offer, Kale maybe? Before you make that purchase, you need to know, can cockatiels eat kale?

The quick answer is yes, cockatiels can eat kale and between you and me, they love it…


Not only can cockatiels eat kale, but once you introduce them to this deliciously nutritious vegetable, they will forever feel indebted to you.

You see, cockatiels love leafy green vegetables, and kale is no exception.

Kale is a fantastic addition to any cockatiels healthy diet and should be served alongside a number of other fruit and vegetables to help maintain your bird’s good health and wellbeing.

So, next time you’re sitting at the dinner table, before you tuck into your poached eggs on a bed of kale, first make sure you have put some aside for your cockatiel to enjoy.

How Do I Prepare Kale for my Cockatiel to Eat?

Chopped, whole, cooked, or raw, these are just some of the dilemmas faced by cockatiel owners when first introducing their birds to kale.

It is widely known that by cooking vegetables, you’re going to reduce the nutrient content. If you’re going to serve this nutritious vegetable raw, there are a few steps you must follow.


Whether you chop the kale or feed it whole to your bird is really dependant on the size of the bird.

Considering cockatiels are quite small birds, compared to, say, a parrot, it would be wiser and safer to serve the kale chopped up into small pieces.

Smaller birds could quite easily choke if they tried to ingest the broad leaves of the kale plant. Therefore, it’s best to chop the kale into small pieces and mix it with other foods.

Try mixing your chopped kale with a sprinkling of pine nuts or a few different coloured berries. Remember, the more colourful your bird’s diet, the healthier it is.


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If you do decide to cook your kale rather than serve it raw, there are certain things to bear in mind first.

When you cook your kale, you might be tempted to add a little something to enhance the flavour. Just remember, ingredients such as onion and garlic are toxic to birds.

Onions can cause ulcers and can give rise to inflammation in your bird’s mouth. The danger from garlic comes from the chemical contained in it called allicin, which can cause anaemia.

When cooking kale or any food for that matter, never add spices if you intend to serve it to your cockatiel. If you do intend to cook it, it would be best steamed.

Is Kale Good For Cockatiels?

It’s not considered a superfood for anything. Kale is bursting at the seams with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Having said that, like any vegetable, it should be given to your cockatiel in moderation and not make up the bulk of his diet.

Another reason your bird shouldn’t overindulge on kale is because of its ability to block the absorption of calcium.  Your bird needs calcium to build and maintain a strong bone structure.

yellow cockatiel

Despite it being able to block calcium absorption, it does contain a little of the nutrient, which helps to increase a bird’s fertility.

The vitamin A found in kale is necessary for nearly every function inside your little cockatiels body. It supports cell, tissue growth and is crucial in the evolution of your bird’s brain development.

This essential vitamin is also responsible for both your bird’s vision and the building of its skeletal system.

A superfood for your super bird that makes for a super healthy and happy life. Bring on the kale.

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