Do Wild Birds Like Weetabix & Is It Healthy and Safe For Them To Eat?

Do you have spare Weetabix left over in your cupboard because your kids have got bored of eating it?  Before you dispose of it have you ever thought, can birds eat Weetabix?

Then the quick answer is yes, birds can eat Weetabix, so if your children are fed up with eating this cereal, birds will really appreciate the generous gesture.


Is Weetabix Healthy For Wild Birds?

If you’ve run out of bird food for your feeders then your backyard birds can benefit from the added fiber that’s in Weetabix plus there’s not much sugar too.

If you have to feed a dry cereal to your birds, Weetabix is a good choice. This whole-grain cereal has iron and folic acid in it along with some vitamins.

Birds need folic acid as much as humans because a lack of folic acid can cause problems with cell division.  Weetabix also contains niacin which is important for bone health.

Weetabix is a human food and has a small amount of salt and regardless of whether that’s been added or occurred naturally, too much salt is not good for any type of bird.

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If a bird consumes too much salt it can quickly dehydrate them and cause organ failure. A lack of electrolytes and kidney failure can quickly lead to death in a small bird.

How to feed Wild Birds Weetabix?

To feed your garden/backyard birds some leftover Weetabix, just crumble it up and stick it in a feeder and make sure you don’t put out too much at a time though.

Peanut and mealworm feeders are suitable types of feeder to put the Weetabix in, although fill them up outside as the peanut feeder will spill some due to the hole sizes.

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Alternatively, should you have a bird table or bird feeding station then you can place it on a flat surface or in one of the spare holders of the station in your garden.

Be sure that there’s plenty of clean water available for the birds. The cereal is very dry when served crumbled up, as you’ll know from it soaking up your milk.

In addition, Weetabix also contains salt which will cause your birds to become thirstier than usual.


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