Do Wild Garden Birds Like Weetabix & Is It Good For Them?

Shaun Bird | Updated: May 4, 2020

Do Birds like Weetabix?

If you have some spare Weetabix in your cupboard or your kids are bored and want something full of sugar then don’t throw it away.

Before you dispose of it have you ever thought, can birds eat Weetabix?

Then the quick answer is yes, birds can eat Weetabix, so if your children are fed up with eating this cereal, birds will really appreciate the generous gesture.

However, there are some things to keep in mind when feeding your backyard friends Weetabix.

Read on to find out how you should feed Weetabix to birds and what you need to be aware of.

Information about Weetabix and Garden Birds

Dry cereal and birds

If you’ve run out of bird food for your feeders and you need to toss a little bit of Weetabix to your birds in the meantime it’s okay. They can benefit from the added fiber that’s in Weetabix and there isn’t very much sugar in the cereal.

If you have to feed a dry cereal to your birds, Weetabix is a good choice. This whole-grain cereal has iron and folic acid in it along with some vitamins. Birds need folic acid as much as humans because a lack of folic acid can cause problems with cell division.

Weetabix also contains niacin which is important for the bone health of your garden birds.

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How do you feed Weetabix to your birds?

If you have some stale Weetabix lying around or you ran out of bird feed it’s okay to feed your birds a little bit of Weetabix. Crumble it up and stick it in a feeder making sure that you don’t put out too much at a time.

Weetabix isn’t a substitute for good quality bird food. It’s important that it’s used as a snack only and not as a major part of your bird’s diet. They don’t eat dry cereal in the wild and this is why it shouldn’t be a large part of their diet out of your feeders.

However, in a pinch, it’s not going to hurt them to have a little.

When you put out the Weetabix be sure that there’s plenty of fresh water available for your birds. The cereal turns into a mush very quickly and can spoil a waterer if the water isn’t changed frequently.

In addition, Weetabix also contains salt which will cause your birds to become thirstier than usual.

Salt and the effect on Birds

A word of caution regarding Weetabix and your birds. As mentioned above, Weetabix contains salt. If a bird consumes too much salt it can quickly dehydrate them and cause organ failure. A lack of electrolytes and kidney failure can quickly lead to death in a small bird.

What’s too much salt? Well, the salt from one pretzel or a few chips can bee too much for a smaller bird. If you are going to offer food such as Weetabix as the occasional snack make sure that you only offer a little bit and that there’s plenty of water.

If you don’t want to worry about the salt in Weetabix potentially hurting your birds then your best bet is to avoid feeding it to them altogether and possibly feed them some porridge if you’ve run out of bird food.