Do Wild Garden Birds Like Fish Food & Is It Good For Them?

There are two main reasons why people ask, can birds eat fish food? The first reason is that people have leftover fish flakes that they are hoping to dispose of by feeding the flakes to the birds in their backyard.

The second reason is that people are in to fact-checking. They are trying to investigate a claim that someone has made that birds can eat fish food.

No matter your reason for seeking this information the answer is yes, birds can eat fish food flakes.

fish pellets

Most fish food is made up of these ingredients:

  • earthworms
  • fish meal
  • squid meal
  • Shrimp meal
  • spirulina
  • vitamins and minerals.

All of which are safe for birds to consume.

Even though the ingredients are safe for birds to eat no one is recommending this food for a bird’s diet. Birds will get more benefit from foods like berries, seeds and insects.

Despite these facts, this article will look at the health benefits of fish food and the best ways a bird would be able to receive these benefits.

How Do I Prepare Fish Food for Birds to Eat?

There is no real way to prep fish food. It comes already made; however, there is some prep involved if you plan on taking an indirect route to birds consuming these fish flakes.

This is only a viable option if you have a water source like a pond or stream in your back yard.

If you are lucky enough to a pond in your yard you can sprinkle some fish food into the water for the fish to eat. Larger birds like pelicans and eagles can swoop down and grab the fish to eat; though, these birds are likely not the ones that frequent your backyard.

If you are looking to feed fish food to smaller birds then your best option in to sprinkle them in your birdbath or in your bird feeder.

Depending on the food options available to the birds they may or may not consume the fish food as is not a regular dietary staple of a bird’s diet. They may be wary of the fish food.

Some people have recorded birds feasting on fish food after they put fish food in the water to feed their fish. So there be a small chance you can get your backyard birds to ingest this food.

If birds loved to eat fish food you would see people recommending this food. But you do not. So it probably better to stick to birdseed for the birds in your yard rather than fish food.

Is Fish Food Good for Birds?

While fish food is not made for birds it is made for fish. Fish food consists of nutritious ingredients that aid in the development of fish. Some of the ingredients within fish food are valuable to birds.

What remains in question is whether most birds would choose to eat fish food over the kinds of food that traditionally makes up their diet.

Birds have no trouble eating shrimp, fish and earthworms. Worms and shrimp are regularly devoured by birds because they are nutritious. Shrimp is one of the shellfish options that are good for birds because they are low in mercury.

Fish is another good food for birds to enjoy. Some birds, like seagulls, enjoy eating live fish while other birds, like parrots, prefer their food cooked. These three ingredients can be found in a package of fish food.

One ingredient present in fish food that is good for birds is spirulina. Spirulina is a dried blue-green algae phytoplankton that is microscopic and edible. Spirulina has been shown to increase a bird’s fertility and stimulate breeding.

Beyond stimulating breading this phytoplankton can improve a bird’s immune system. This makes the bird more resistant to certain diseases. Spirulina can be used successfully to brighten a bird’s plumage and give it a more robust appearance.

While it is nice that spirulina can improve a bird’s appearance it is better than it can help improve a bird’s energy levels.

The phytoplankton is able to boost a bird’s energy levels because it is rich in vitamin b. This vitamin provides humans and birds with the energy they need to run their bodies

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