Do Wild Garden Birds Like Chocolate Cake & Is It Good For Them?

Your party has finished and there’s lots of leftover cake and you really don’t want to see it go to waste, so you think to yourself, can birds eat chocolate cake?

The quick answer is, no birds cannot eat chocolate cake and for lots of reasons.  Instead of throwing it out, have you considered freezing it for later?

Chocolate Cake

Why Can’t Birds Eat Chocolate Cake?

Chocolate cake is delicious and irresistible for most humans but it isn’t made to be consumed by birds.  There are too many ingredients that birds would never consume in the wild.

Here are a few chocolate cake ingredients that birds shouldn’t eat.

Birds and Sugar

Refined sugar is deprived of nutrients and does not carry the nutrients required for a birds metabolism.  By eating sugar the birds will be eating food that is not nutritious.


Enzymes that exist in whole plant foods are necessary for the metabolic process to digest the sugars.  Sugars in natural foods arrive dissolved in a large amount of water in the body.

Sucrose is the only type of sugar that you should allow your bird to consume because it does not affect his life and helps balance is diet naturally.  Do not feed fruits excessively though.

Birds and Chocolate

Birds have a tough time resisting foods containing chocolate and are potentially toxic to all pets.  Chocolate can be harmful to birds, even in very small quantities.

Chocolate has caffeine that can induce vomiting in birds, can cause diarrhoea and increase their heart rate, cause hyperactivity and therefore, potentially cause the death of the bird.


As a general rule, the darker and more bitter the chocolate, the more potentially toxic it is to your pet.

Birds and Dairy

Different from all the ingredients mentioned in the topics above dairy is not necessarily toxic to the bird.  Although not toxic, birds cannot digest the lactose.

If your bird or a wild bird eats a product that contains dairy you should monitor it very carefully.

Despite not being harmful to his life it will cause him a lot of discomforts and could eventually lead to digestive problems if the bird is not able to process the dairy.


If you are giving some derivative of dairy to your bird always try to look for something without lactose

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