About the Author

It was a fascination at a young age by Shaun Bird with birds that ultimately, 35 years on, encouraged him to write about birds and the foods that they eat.

As a young boy, he had lots of wildlife nearby and the local trails oozed lots of small birds and whenever small birds are present, as you can imagine, there are birds of prey.

He understands there is so much information out there but often, the information about feeding birds is often mingled with lots of other information, sometimes irrelevant.

You’ll often find information about plumage colour, where you may find that particular type of bird, how long it lives and so on… When all you want to know is, what does it eat?

Like any blog, it starts with one article but over time, he’ll grow this site from the original article to ultimately become, the ‘go to’ blog for feeding birds.

If you’d like to contribute to any articles or have information for him or maybe he’s made a mistake, then get in touch via the contact section below.


Shaun Bird